06/13/2013 01:01 pm ET | Updated Aug 13, 2013

Communicate In Color

Over many years, we've all been told that communication, at its best, can solve many of life's mysteries. And whilst I agree with that belief, it still strikes me as a little odd that we're as good at communicating with one another as we could be. You know the sort of thing I mean -- someone calls you, you tell them you'll call them right back, although you know you're just about to enter a meeting and are cognizant that you can't return their call eminently. One might call this kind of behaviour cognitive dissonance -- not walking your talk, which seems to have become synonymous with "Well, that's life."

Actually, it's not life, not as I believe it is. It's someone's interpretation of their life. Maybe yours? Saying one thing and doing and doing another is just not on. Don't worry; we all mess up in the communication department sometime or another. That's quite normal. It's only by making errors that we can learn how to avoid them in the future. It's not about trying to communicate perfectly, far from it. It has to do with behaving as consciously as you're able. This means being fully aware of how your words and actions impact others. Just with this scintilla of knowledge alone we are aided in making improvements in our communication skills measurably.

It often intrigues me how many businesspeople wear two hats; the business hat and the social hat -- never the twain shall meet -- sadly. Are you one personality at business and another socially? If so, you might be inflicted with I call the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome: someone who is endeavouring to create two different personalities. And that's how we become drained of any color. We end up being just black or white. By adding color, I mean bringing more of who you are on the inside to who you are on the outside: merging your Inner and Outer Brand. By doing so, you will be more engaging, you'll be able to build rapport more expediently, and moreover, you'll become happier.

Great communicators are fully conscious of their words, physical gestures, appearance and grooming. That's because they do not wish anything to act as a distraction from their communication style. Also, they are top-notch listeners. They research robustly, read lots, and endeavour to mix in different cultural settings -- which contributes to giving them a more colorful personality. And the more colorful you can be, the more compelling your communication style will become. Ergo: you will become more magnetic.

Fill yourself up with various cultures, read avidly, research and continually learn. In fact, endeavour to learn a little about lots. If you do this, you'll be a beacon of light; someone who others will look to for guidance and advice. And because your communication style is so colorful, others will be magnetically drawn towards you.

So encompass as much eclecticism as you can into your lifestyle. That's how your Inner Brand will become more colorful. In fact, it's how your personality will become far more electric. When we are ready to embrace a diverse portfolio, that's when our Personal Brand becomes significantly more colorful... both inwardly and outwardly.

Some tips:

If you read only non-fiction, read some fiction.

If you only watch TV/Movie dramas, try some comedy.

If you only eat Italian food when dining out, try some French.

If you are an 'all about me' person, try to empathise with others.

If your preference is being the entertainer, allow yourself to be entertained.

If life for you is a challenge, consider aspects of life that work well for you.

Thinking positively is good, however, acting positively is much better.

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