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What Have You Done in the Last 114 Days?

In the last 114 days, my little daughter graduated from pre-school.  My elder daughter completed 1st grade.   My little nephew began to speak in full sentences.  My husband and I have fought and made up several times.  I have traveled to NY, Colorado, SF, Paris and London.  We have had several dinner parties, and watched exciting finals in the NBA Finals and Wimbledon. 

I have watched the Iran elections unfold into a potential revolution.  I have watched with bated breath N. Korea test nuclear missiles.  I have mourned the loss of Michael Jackson, who will go down in history as a legend, but who was also an old friend. 

It has been 114 days since Laura Ling and Euna Lee were detained in N. Korea.  114 days of captivity in a foreign land, with almost no exposure to family or information.  Two girls with a full life, with loving families. 

Laura and Euna have both admitted that they made a mistake.  They crossed into N. Korea without permission.  They have paid dearly for their mistake.  They have suffered –  their families have also suffered.  Euna’s 4 year old daughter, Hana, misses her mom.  Hana also graduated from preschool, but unlike my daughter, did not have her mom with her.  Laura’s husband, Iain, was alone for their wedding anniversary.   

After 114 days, let's join together and ask the US and N. Korea to grant amnesty to these two young women.  Think about the life moments you have experienced in the last 114 days.  Think about what you would have missed. 

Please take a minute and sign this petition to ask for amnesty for Laura and Euna.  The goal is 1 Million signatures.  Lets not let more days pass by.  By signing, you would be helping give a voice to these two women who have none right now.  By signing, you would help the movement to grant them amnesty.  Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Lets pray that Laura and Euna will be granted forgiveness. 

To learn more about Laura and Euna, visit

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