Yoga Poses For Peace And Serenity

06/23/2011 02:21 am ET | Updated Aug 23, 2011

In need of some inner peace and enhanced energy in your life? Yoga is a practice that brings together mental clarity, renewed energy, physical challenges, and also a sense of serenity.

There is no doubt that yoga helps with strength, flexibility, breathing, and endurance. But, traditionally, yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice.

Yoga poses are intrinsically powerful for their ability to open up your body's energy to a higher level. Next time you are feeling a bit stretched with too many things to do, try to take a few minutes to sink into a yoga pose for relaxation.

World-renowned yoga teacher, Tara Stiles, recommends the following poses for serenity (click on the name of yoga pose to learn more):

Pigeon Pose

Here's a great video by Tara to help you unwind after a long, stressful day:

Meimei Fox, a yoga teacher and popular blogger, also recommends Childs Pose, Tree Pose and Sivasana to find some focus, peace and grounding. Of Tree Pose, she says, "It's a balancing pose, which requires finding some equanimity of mind, finding a gentle gazing point and letting your vision soften a bit. Then you feel your standing leg root into the earth, and your torso and perhaps even your arms reach up to the sky. Like a tree, you are rooted, grounded, but also reaching, striving to be your higher self."

Do you have a favorite yoga pose that brings you peace and serenity? Please share for some inspiration!

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