An Open Letter to Louis CK

04/19/2013 03:11 pm ET | Updated Jun 19, 2013

Violence against women is definitely not funny. After all, the finest humor generally involves poking fun, in some way, at those in power. That's why jokes directly about rape and domestic violence fail on so many levels. But that's also why your newest jokes about men's violence against women completely cracked me up.

In fact, you are the most recent among many men -- though perhaps the funniest -- to stand up, if you will, against violence against women. From Delhi to Dallas, men have recently raised their voices to say no more. And you -- already no stranger to subversive stand-up that highlights privilege and injustice -- clearly totally get it. Men are the "number one threat to women," you say in your new HBO special. The number one threat to men? "Heart disease." (Readers: Click here for the rest of his spot-on comments about harassment, rape culture, and more.)

Yes, we need effective laws, courts and cops to help stop violence against women. But the key to ending it is triggering the deep culture change that will make it unacceptable. And comedy is culture.

While violence against women is, arguably, the most serious issue of our time, calling it out doesn't have to be. So thank you, Louis C.K., for being an ally -- like Lewis Black -- and challenging inequality and violence in your own way. I invite you to check out our Ring the Bell campaign calling on men to take concrete action to end violence against women -- and make your own promise, too. With your help, maybe someday soon -- at least on this topic -- you'll run out of material.