12/14/2010 08:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dell's Holiday Gift: Listening, Engaging and Acting Across the Web

While you're having conversations with friends and family across the dinner table this holiday season, we'll be having conversations too. Our new Social Media Listening Command Center launched last week, and it is Dell's global operational hub for monitoring and engaging with customers who post some 22,000 items every day. The conversations may be virtual and there isn't a holiday meal in sight, but the connections are just as meaningful to us at Dell -- and, ultimately, to you.


At our digital dinner table, as at your analog one, opinions vary widely and the talk can get heated; we want to hear it all. We appreciate the praise and take the criticism to heart, funneling it through the company where it can end in enhancing product features, knowing our fans better or fixing issues our customers raise around the Web.

As they unveiled the Command Center/>, Dell CEO Michael Dell and our CMO Karen Quintos explained that social media monitoring tools aggregate and analyze data in 11 languages so that we can share the information with the appropriate teams at Dell. We've trained more than 5,000 employees to participate in conversations with customers using social media, bringing our people ever closer to the people who are passionate about our company and our products.

I wish you happy and safe holidays, and I look forward to connecting here and elsewhere with you in the New Year. I hope you enjoy your time with friends and family as much as we enjoy our time talking with you, every day of the year.