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Manuel Villacorta
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A nationally recognized, award-winning registered dietitian with more than 16 years of experience as a nutritionist, Manuel Villacorta, M.S., R.D., is a respected and trusted voice in the health and wellness industry. He is the founder of Eating Free, an international weight management and wellness program, and one of the leading weight loss and nutrition experts in the country. He is the author of Eating Free: The Carb-Friendly Way to Lose Inches, Embrace Your Hunger, and Keep the Weight off for Good (HCI, May 2012), Peruvian Power Foods: 18 Superfoods, 101 Recipes, and Anti-aging Secrets from the Amazon to the Andes (HCI, October 2013) and his newest book Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet to Detoxify, Energize, and Supercharge Fat Loss (HCI, December 2014)

Manuel served as a national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2010-2013), Manuel is the owner of San Francisco-based private practice, MV Nutrition and the recipient of five ‘‘Best Bay Area Nutritionist’’ awards from the San Francisco Chronicle, ABC7 and Citysearch.

His warm, approachable style and his bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish have made him an in-demand health and nutrition expert on local and national television and radio channels, as well as in articles appearing in print publications and online. Manuel is a compelling, charismatic speaker.

Born and raised in Peru, Manuel makes his home in San Francisco. He earned his bachelor of science in nutrition and physiology metabolism from the University of California, Berkeley, and his master of science in nutrition and food science from San Jose State University. He has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards for his research and contributions to the field of dietetics.

Entries by Manuel Villacorta

4 Ways To Spike Up The Grill With Superfoods

(0) Comments | Posted July 19, 2016 | 11:47 AM


We are halfway through the summer and at the peak of the grilling season. I am sure that we are all enjoying a great time, hitting the grill and having fun with friends and family, enjoying delicious foods. This is also the time...

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5 High Performance Superfoods That Are Great For Exercise

(1) Comments | Posted June 16, 2016 | 12:21 PM


The summer season is here with longer hours and people are getting more active. Maybe you are hitting the gym hard core to get into shape and that beach body you have been wanting. Whatever the reason, many people are exercising more and...

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Hot Tips to Boost Your Pizza

(0) Comments | Posted May 24, 2016 | 2:12 PM


We all have our favorite foods that we love to eat. Some more than others. I know that is the case with me and pizza. I have always enjoyed pizza with its variety in crust, toppings and sizes. Unfortunately, pizza has gotten a...

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5 Steps for the Perfect Smoothie for Weight Loss

(2) Comments | Posted May 9, 2016 | 6:23 PM


There are so many reasons to start drinking smoothies, especially for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Here are five of them:

  • We all know we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, and get more antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats into our diet....
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Hottest Nutrient-Dense Food Kiwicha for Earth Day And Beyond

(0) Comments | Posted April 20, 2016 | 12:54 PM


Friday, April 22nd is Earth Day 2016 and what better way to celebrate this day than by eating one of the Earth's most potent seeds available, kiwicha. Also known as amaranth or "mini quinoa," kiwicha is a small pseudo cereal noted for its...

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The Best 10 Nutrition Tips From Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

(11) Comments | Posted March 9, 2016 | 7:19 AM

National Nutrition Month is the time of year to get perspective and focus on issues pertaining to your nutrition and health. Today, March 9th, just so happens to be Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, a day to celebrate the contributions of dietitians all around the country. But what exactly...

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Debunked: The Myths of Eggs, Potatoes and Bananas

(9) Comments | Posted February 25, 2016 | 11:36 AM

So often clients come to my practice with foods they believe they're not supposed to eat under any circumstances, whether because they've heard they're fattening or because they think they have bad health effects. The problem is that much of that information is just wrong. In the last few years...

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5 Must-Dos for Peak Life Performance in 2016

(2) Comments | Posted January 5, 2016 | 12:18 PM

Even if you're not a professional athlete, you still want to operate at peak performance. Giving your body the support it needs to get you through whatever comes isn't some special thing for athletes. So many of my clients come to me seeking more energy. They feel drained and lethargic,...

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A Winning Holiday Appetizer: Purple Potato Causitas

(0) Comments | Posted December 2, 2015 | 12:39 PM


While the festivities continue to roll out and the final countdown towards New Year's has begun, people everywhere are busy decorating homes and offices with hues of green, red, and white. Family and work parties are being planned and everyone starts to think...

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3 Hot Tips That Can Help Men Be Healthier

(0) Comments | Posted November 2, 2015 | 3:14 PM

November is here again, and it is time to shift gears to "Movember." For those of you that are not aware, "Movember" is the clever portmanteau of "moustache" and "November," fashioned from the idea of growing a moustache beginning Nov. 1 to help bring awareness to men's health issues, including...

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A Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Lover? Then You Must Try Picarones

(0) Comments | Posted October 20, 2015 | 2:52 PM

The fall season is upon us and as the chill air begins to creep in, it is time to take out those coats and start warming yourself up with delicious fall foods. Nothing screams out seasonal change like the classic look and smells of pumpkin, sweet potato, cinnamon and clove....

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3 Zesty Recipes to Excite Your Taste Buds & Boost Your Health

(0) Comments | Posted September 16, 2015 | 2:42 PM

As a registered dietitian in the health and wellness industry, I know the importance of eating healthy and fresh ingredients. As a Latino and Peruvian, it is essential that food is made tasty and explodes with flavor in your mouth. Many people till this day think that eating a nutritious...

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Two to Three Cups of Coffee a Day Can Actually Be Good for You

(2) Comments | Posted September 3, 2015 | 12:51 PM

For so many years I've had clients tell me they want to quit coffee, because they've heard that it's "bad for you." And for just as long I've been wondering when we can finally stop demonizing this delicious beverage. My stance on coffee is: moderation, moderation, moderation. There are great...

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3 Cold Soups That Can Help You Cool Off With a Health Kick

(0) Comments | Posted August 6, 2015 | 3:36 PM

Growing up in South America, all the soups that I have ever known were always served warm or piping hot. Walking around in the different areas of Peru, you would see soups being served straight from the pot right on to the bowl. The idea of allowing a soup to...

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Eat the Rainbow -- 5 Tips for Rebooting Your Body This Gay Pride

(0) Comments | Posted June 14, 2015 | 3:32 PM

June means rainbow flags as far as the eye can see. For me, the rainbow is an especially important sign. It of course represents the diversity of the gay community. It is also the flag of Cuzco in my home country of Peru, where it symbolizes the ancient Incan empire....

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7 Foods for Your Health and Your Wallet

(4) Comments | Posted May 13, 2015 | 4:15 PM

Yes, it can be expensive to eat healthy. But it doesn't have to be. Many foods are high in nutrition but low in cost. Often they'll take a little more time and effort to prepare, but they'll be good for both your budget and your body. Time is money, but...

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Peruvian Cuisine Today -- Fusion Flavors and Superfoods

(4) Comments | Posted April 27, 2015 | 1:53 PM

Last month I went back to my native Peru to visit the capitol, Lima, and explore the new food developments popping up. Since I wrote my two Peruvian superfoods books, Peruvian cuisine has taken off in the United States as well as around the world. Those popular effects...

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Spice Up Nutrition Month With the Peruvian Superfoods Diet

(2) Comments | Posted February 27, 2015 | 3:00 PM

March is National Nutrition Month, making for the perfect moment to check in with your eating. Believe it or not, there are still new discoveries in the world of nutrition -- it's an exciting time to explore healthy and delicious foods you might not already know. That's why I'm using...

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5 Effective Ways to Reboot Your Body for 2015

(0) Comments | Posted January 9, 2015 | 10:45 AM

Everyone starts the new year wanting to make a change and to make it fast. With that in mind you might be tempted to try a quick detox. But I suggest that instead of a detox, you do a reboot. The common idea of a detox can be a detour...

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5 Strategies to Enjoy Eating Without Getting Off Track This Holiday Season

(0) Comments | Posted December 1, 2014 | 1:56 PM

It's here. The season of holiday parties at work, at friends' houses, with family... It's an intense time of year. And every year I talk to clients who are so worried about all the caloric holiday foods that they find it hard to enjoy the great things about the holiday...

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