Fashion Editorial at the Gym

05/22/2013 03:07 pm ET | Updated Jul 20, 2013

Today, I spontaneously decided to walk into a spinning class at a gym I used to attend. Okay, let me not make it seem like "attend" means frequent, more like I would go once a week to a spinning class at this particular spot. I stayed away mostly because I am horrible at committing to anything. This is because I'm afraid of being consistent and having a routine, it freaks me out. When attending a gym, I seek ones where I can walk in and be totally anonymous (and where the average age is 80). No making friends with the instructors, no small talk. This is probably the only case in my life where I am an introvert. At the gym, I pretty much have no personality and give off an air of mystery, something I've always admired in others, but never attempted myself.

So I walk in today, and found myself ogling at the women in their gym clothing. No, no, no, we are not talking about my workout uniform of tiny shorts and raggedy t-shirts. These women not only have great bodies, but workout style. Many parents tell me they would never be featured on my site, because their yoga pants and tanks won't really make the cut. The women in this Miami gym, totally make the cut. The prevalence of major cleavage is quite surprising. I say this with no judgement, but as an observer of an indigenous tribe. I am mostly amazed at the confidence to work out in such sexy attire.

I attempted last week to wear one of these Lululemon tanks and hardly broke a sweat in spinning because I was mortified of my cleavage peaking over the top. But even though I am not comfortable with this type of revealing wardrobe, that doesn't mean that others should not enjoy sexy work out gear. So today this gym fashion show included: pattern leggings that were low, backless tanks with lacy work out bra's peeking through, a see through lace tank with a black lace bra beneath... gold bracelets all the way up to the elbow, a stomach necklace, oh yes, I saw a stomach necklace... Now this class is not easy, it's like dripping sweat, crazy cardio and no room for the out of shape, so even though it looked like a vision of style, these women were working and sweating, huge gold hoops and all.

I sometimes wear large hoops at the gym, just because I am a little crazy with my earrings. My workout style is very NYC, black and black with black sneakers and black socks (that don't show). So I was delighted to see this little exercise fashion editorial at a Miami gym. I know that Miami is special. I am pretty sure that no one in Cleveland is rocking a low-cut tank with a see through bra and a stomach necklace at their local YMCA, but that's why every city has its unique flavor and in Miami sexy is always appropriate, always. It's the only place I've lived where I know that you can pretty much wear anything. So tell me Haute Parents, what do you wear to the gym?