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Marcia G. Yerman
Marcia G. Yerman is based in New York City. Her writing—profiles, interviews, essays, and articles—focus on women’s issues, human rights, the environment, and the arts. They are archived at

Yerman has been published by AlterNet, RH Reality Check, The Women's Media Center, Women News Network, The Raw Story, and The New York Times.

She writes for Moms Clean Air Force, bringing visibility to the issue of clean air and environmental concerns. Her stories focus on the politics and policies.

Yerman was co-founder of cultureID, a platform dedicated to a nexus of culture and activism.

In addition to working with both non-profits and the business sector, Yerman consults on social media for progressive organizations.

Yerman was host and producer of Women In Art, a cable television program about women in the art world. Her background includes her role as both a curator of exhibitions reflecting diversity, and as an artist.

Entries by Marcia G. Yerman

A Conversation With Amaranth Ehrenhalt

(3) Comments | Posted March 7, 2015 | 10:15 PM


In what was previously a school building on 108th Street in East Harlem, I entered into the universe of artist Amaranth Ehrenhalt. I first saw her work in an exhibition at the Anita Shapolsky Gallery in New York....

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New Congress Targets Climate With "Fifty Days of Nay"

(0) Comments | Posted February 25, 2015 | 1:52 PM


While the public is coming off the Oscars, and a fascination with the new movie Fifty Shades of Grey, I have been focusing on a different story. It's called Fifty Days of Nay. It's the sad narrative of the first weeks...

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Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning

(0) Comments | Posted February 18, 2015 | 2:19 PM

One of America's foremost photographers, Dorothea Lange (1895-1965), has too often been viewed through the narrow prism of her best-known work. The groundbreaking photos that she took during the Great Depression of breadlines, and the despair she recorded of those forced to migrate in response to...

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Birds Tell an Urgent Climate Change Message

(0) Comments | Posted February 17, 2015 | 10:23 AM


"The canary in the coal mine." That phrase has become part of the lexicon as a warning for danger.

Now birds are cautioning humans about the imminent threat of climate change -- and the news is not good. This from a

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The Work of Artists Is Not Play

(1) Comments | Posted January 28, 2015 | 5:30 AM

When the public reads stories in the media about visual artists, it is all too often about art stars that are selling their works for six-figure sums or an item detailing glamorous parties on the art fair circuit.

A shot of reality is being offered at the CUE...

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Marisol: Sculptures and Works on Paper at El Museo del Barrio

(1) Comments | Posted January 5, 2015 | 5:20 PM

Integrated into the exhibit Marisol: Sculptures and Works on Paper at El Museo del Barrio, are numerous wall-text quotes. Resonating deeply are the artist's words from 1989:

"I've always wanted to be free in my life and art. It's as important to me as truth."

While others in the art...

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2015 Climate Change Forecast

(17) Comments | Posted December 23, 2014 | 9:36 PM

It's mid-December and I should be looking forward to the holidays and a brand new year filled with promise.

But I'm worried. It may not seem sensible, but I've actually been having trouble falling asleep at night -- thinking about what is going to happen to the environment when the...

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Local Activism Pays Off

(0) Comments | Posted December 18, 2014 | 12:59 PM


The exciting news just announced that Governor Cuomo will ban fracking in New York State is proof positive that galvanizing the public about the health dangers inherent in the fracking process can move the needle and influence public leaders.

The squeaky...

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Egon Schiele: Portraits at Neue Galerie

(0) Comments | Posted November 12, 2014 | 2:28 PM

In 1963, Dr. Alessandra Comini saw a small exhibit of Austrian Expressionists. It was her first time viewing the work of Egon Schiele. She described it as "an apocalypse that changed my life." It put Comini on a path to becoming one of the foremost scholars...

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Post Election: The Good, The Bad and the Future

(0) Comments | Posted November 11, 2014 | 9:04 AM

As the election returns started to roll in last Tuesday night, I began to get the feeling that it wasn't going to be good news for America's environment. Every projected winner flashing by was well-known to me from their stances on climate change, or their claims of not being "a...

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WE ACT for Environmental Justice: "Moms Make Connection on What Makes Families Sick"

(2) Comments | Posted November 4, 2014 | 9:29 AM

This past March, a gas explosion that leveled two buildings and killed eight people, devastated the East Harlem community in New York City. For a neighborhood already facing environmental challenges, it was a major blow. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal pointed out that asthma complaints,...

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Crossing Brooklyn: Art From Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond

(1) Comments | Posted October 31, 2014 | 12:43 PM

On October 1, I had the opportunity to preview Crossing Brooklyn: Art From Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond, with a press walk-through led by the curators, Eugenie Tsai and Rujeko Hockley. In addition, several of the artists were in the galleries to give brief talks...

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Ana Baptista: "Children of Color Are the Most At-Risk Victims of Pollution"

(1) Comments | Posted October 28, 2014 | 12:39 PM


Ana Baptista is on a mission to drive change. With a Masters from Brown University in Environmental Studies, a PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy, and a teaching post at the New School for...

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A Conversation With Derrick Adams

(1) Comments | Posted October 10, 2014 | 5:08 PM

In September, "Derrick Adams: Live and in Color," opened at the Tilton Gallery in Manhattan. I sat down with Adams in Brooklyn, to talk about his work and career trajectory. We spoke at length, and went off on a few tangents -- including the Koch Brothers, The Wiz,...

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'Our Future, Our Choice' -- On the Ground at the People's Climate March

(2) Comments | Posted September 27, 2014 | 2:21 PM

On September 21, I was present at a piece of history... the People's Climate March of 2014. It was a huge event, planned with precision, and broken down into six contingencies. The route covered two miles. My interviews began with people waiting for the bus, on their way...

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Religious Groups Mobilize at People's Climate March

(1) Comments | Posted September 17, 2014 | 4:19 PM

The countdown for the New York City People's Climate March is on. Taking place on Sunday, September 21, the preceding days will be packed with activities. Planned to coincide with the United Nations Climate Summit, global leaders and policy makers will be in town. The march...

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Urge Pepsi to Stop Guzzling Tar Sands

(1) Comments | Posted September 9, 2014 | 1:01 PM


In July of 2013, Moms Clean Air Force joined in an open letter to top North American businesses. The agenda was to strongly "urge" them to stop using fuel derived from tar sands sources. A call for an increase in "the efficiency of...

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A Conversation With Grace Graupe-Pillard

(33) Comments | Posted August 21, 2014 | 3:09 PM

Photo: Jamaal M. Levine

In a refurbished synagogue in Keyport, New Jersey, Grace Graupe-Pillard works virtually non-stop creating art. The format varies -- paintings, video, drawing, and photography -- yet all are integral to her vision. Perhaps it is...

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The Belarus Free Theatre: Committing Dangerous Acts

(0) Comments | Posted July 29, 2014 | 10:38 AM

For those existing in the cultural space, art and life are intrinsically entwined. Director Madeleine Sackler brings that home in her film Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus, recently featured as part of the HBO Documentaries series. Sackler takes us to the Eastern European...

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The Military Battles Climate Change

(0) Comments | Posted July 28, 2014 | 9:38 AM

While Republicans are mobilizing to push back against President Obama's carbon initiatives, those in military sector are sounding the alarm about climate change--and the slew of issues that it has the potential to precipitate.

In case you missed the report issued in May by the CNA...

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