A Lot About Mary, Far Too Little About Dad

05/16/2006 06:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In her book, I wondered how Mary Cheney could be so blithe about what Bush's advocacy of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage means to her. And in an interview, she wasn't even aware of pending retrograde legislation in Virginia where she now lives with her longtime partner, Heather Poe which would rollback hardwon rights.

Then I saw the headline about the vice president's wealth this morning--close to $100 million. Assuming what's his will eventually be the daughters, Mary will have a soft cushion of protection from the vagaries of the law. Who cares about paying bit more in taxes or health care? You can buy your way into a private hospital to visit a significant other. Money is such a wonderful thing to throw at problems.

Bad laws are free gestures to many Republicans who won't ever feel their impact. Which Republican Senators won't try to help a 16-year old daughter, accidentally pregnant, who wants an abortion after they've criminalized it?

Author Mary Cheney believes we want to hear about her rules for running a tight campaign ship ("there can never be enough rules) when what is interesting about Mary is how she can operate in a party whose official view of her is hateful. The answer is she loves her Dad. When the constitutional amendment comes up next month, we'll see if he loves her back enough to come out publicaly and vocally against it.

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