04/26/2007 02:46 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bush Mired in Stealth, Lies and Cover-Ups

The day before the hearing, in an interview on NPR, Mary Tillman remarked that the administration certainly noticed when her son joined up -- former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld sent her a note -- and may have been in on the cover-up.

``Ultimately, I would like to trace where the orders to do a lot of these things came from,'' she said. ``Who gave the orders to burn Pat's uniform? Who was the one who instigated the Silver Star?''

The Tillmans weren't so easily fooled. When, according to the Washington Post, Bush offered to tape a memorial to her son for an Arizona Cardinals football game that would be televised shortly before Election Day, Mary Tillman said no.

Lies like the ones told in the Lynch and Tillman cases aren't blurted out in the heat of the moment, but require planning and an understanding by mid-level officials that forces higher than themselves want them to lie.

For the lie to work, those mid-level officials have to pull rank on those below to play along. One of those was Specialist Russell Baer, who was told to escort Pat's brother home but not to tell him how his brother died. Baer later went AWOL in protest and was demoted. Where's the honor in that?--send me other email address

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