09/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Gender Stupid (Psychically) and That is Fine with Me

Question for you, Margaret Ruth:

You usually answer relationship and dating questions without breaking down specific recommendations for male/male, female/female or female/male combinations. I think it would be interesting to see how advice might be different for these. What do you think about doing that sometimes? - C

I think I would be very interested in seeing that too, and I am smiling as I type that. One reason for my interest is that I am gender stupid. I mean it. I can read personality really, really well (am damn accurate is what I am saying), but cannot usually tell the gender. So, I do not perceive much difference in the various combinations myself.

Except -- and this is important -- cultural overlays about gender and hetero and homo couplings do some funky stuff to people and block their ability to have perfectly healthy, joyful and whole partnerships. You have hetero couples with some hidden gender role beliefs. You find some gay couples under constant drama. Now, you and I know that couples of all combinations exhibit those traits, but in my years of psychic readings, I notice that some specific issues occur more often depending upon the gender makeup.

For instance, if you are reading that one spouse has expectations about who is supposed to make more money in the marriage, than it is more likely that you are reading a heterosexual couple than a homosexual one. I once read a man who has found his perfect and certain love with another man, and their love had a different and magnificent "honed through the fire" vibration to it that other types, that are easier to make happen, don't have. But these all have to do with how people are acculturated, and not with the nature of healthy interpersonal bonds.

Therefore, I would say the same things in general about what it takes to have a healthy, joyful, whole partnership (and there are only a few things people need to know about that) to each type. But if I were to address specific issues, I would talk about how to leave old cultural indoctrinations, icons and beliefs about gender and love behind so to be more able to fully enjoy a loving relationship with whomever you please.

Let me know if that makes sense,

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