Me, My National Teen Celebrity Psychic Predictions and Your Teen

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The newest ASTROgirl! magazine is on the stands and the colorful cover touts "Juicy Celeb Psychic Predictions!". And the person making those juicy psychic predictions? That would be none other than me.

I need to say first that I still get a hit from seeing myself in a national magazine. Additionally, I like working with ASTROgirl!. The editors assured me that despite the fact that Rob and Kristen will NOT last (much to the readers' disappointment) that I need to stay honest in my psychic write-ups. On the other hand, they, and myself, work hard at staying very positive for their young fans and readers -- no matter what I am seeing in celebrity futures.

However, I have a message, for all the teens and parents of teens out there: Staying positive when doing teen celebrity psychic predictions is tricky, as many teen celebrities do not actually have an extremely great future ahead, or at least one that entails the same amount of fame and fortune they are enjoying now. Some do. Most don't.

Some of the young people the editors asked me to predict for will not stay in the entertainment business. Some of them will be happy with that future outcome but, as you can imagine, some will never get past this time of their life. For those, this will be the period in their careers in which they make the most money and garner the most acclaim.

If your teen is hooked on celebrity idols, make sure you tell him or her that what we put in the magazine are essentially true predictions and yet have the very most positive spin possible. This is a good thing in my mind because people's futures change. Nothing is ever cast in stone (and your teen and preteens need to know that too) and we don't need to dwell on possible futures that are unhappy -- especially in an upbeat, colorful, entertainment magazine. However, it is not a bad idea to let your teen know that this is what we are doing. Use your best judgment. Also, I will be doing some morning radio shows talking about this, so that might also happen in your area as well.

If you have a teen that reads this magazine or others similar, tell her/him that you know me and what I said about futures and about predicting for young celebrities. And then tell them to also stay positive!


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