Some Main Themes for the Beginning of this New Year are Uncertainty and Stuck-ness

02/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Margaret Ruth Margaret Ruth is a mind/body/spirit columnist who writes on Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot and more.

It is the beginning of 2009 and the two ideas keep coming up around the people I am working and talking with: Uncertainty and Stuck-ness.
Uncertainty is understandable given the current state of the economy. Many people feel more anxious, more worried about their financial future at this time than have for decades. Even during the bust of the 90s, people around the country were calmer than they are now. There is a general economic worry cloud over the entire country.

It is also understandable that a person like me, an intuitive who specializes in the future, would be exposed to others who are looking for reassurance. So, it isn't a surprise that Uncertainty would be a major theme around the people in my life.

And, I personally do uncertainty fairly, relatively, well. Uncertainty used to really bother me though and this explains why my particular intuitive antennae were pointed in the direction of discovering future events. Uncertainty does not rattle me like it used to.

But, Stuck-ness is a different problem. Stuckness is, in many ways, harder to solve than Uncertainty. There are few instant remedies. It is hard to define. It is hard to fix. Getting past the feeling of being stuck is a much trickier problem, from my perspective.

The state of Stuckness is often described by such words as lull, standstill, boredom, listlessness, indecision, limbo. It is a feeling that nothing is happening, nothing is moving forward or back. And what causes this in one person might be completely different than the cause of another's. Or the feeling is caused by multiple influences. Or, sometimes in a reading, someone feels that her stuck feelings are bad, when actually what is going on for her is good, and it is a simple matter of switching perspective.

If you are feeling stuck right now, I would suggest trying many different things to see what works. Try some of the ideas below and develop some ideas for yourself. If nothing works, it could very well be that you are in a Forced-Slowdown-from-The-Universe phase and you might want to just sit back and enjoy the non-ride. Treat it like you are at the Spa or the Meditation Retreat and become OK with nothing much happening. It will be over soon.

Ideas to Move Energy

* Mix up your routines. Eat dinner at breakfast, lunch for dinner. Drive different routes.
* Take classes that do not pertain to anything related to common sense. Try drama, art, music, intuition types of classes (I am teaching Tarot at the U this winter. That is one idea).
* Get a massage. Go hot tubing where there are lots of bubbles. Get a Reiki treatment. These all move energy about.
* Try the Emotional Freedom Technique. A friend of mine had very good results from this as it is a technique for loosening energetic knots. Here are websites describing it.
* Clear and circulate the air: Book a counseling session with a psychologist. Scrub the house. Do deep breathing exercises. Learn aromatherapy.
* Move: Run, walk, hike, bike, canoe, kick box, dance.
* Indulge in some of us Mystics' favorite ideas: Meditation retreat, Labyrinth walking meditation, Acupuncture, Aura and Chakra clearing
* Use Google to find Internet resources for the phrase: "how to move energy."
* My favorite -- laughing. A lot. All the time (hey! if it doesn't happen to work to get you moving, at least you are having a good time.).

Margaret Ruth's Don'ts
* Do not scour the newspaper or hover around the tv for national news. You will just feel worse. Read or listen to the Living sections of the paper or program (or website) instead.
* Do not watch much television. ESPECIALLY reality shows or Lifetime or HGTV. HGTV will make you feel like you are not doing enough for your house. Ignore this for now.
* Do not read Women's magazines. Sorry. They are verboten -- they will just stall you more. I promise.
* Do not listen to Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura or anybody that is still yammering on with a preset Boomer mentality. Just take my word for it on that one.
* Do not ask your family for advice. Ok -- if your family is really intuitive and sensitive and creative and understands you. Then ok. You have permission.

Do you have any ideas I might have left out?

Margaret Ruth is one of Utah's most popular intuitives and metaphysical teachers. Listen in every Friday morning on the nationally known Radio From Hell morning show on KXRK 96.3 at or go to her website,, for self development and intuitive classes taught at the University of Utah.