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Margaret Wheeler Johnson

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XO Jane Morning Faces Project: Women Reveal What They Look Like When They Wake Up

Posted: 01/31/2012 9:21 am

A few months back our friends over at asked readers to send in photographs of their bare, unphotoshopped bellies, along with brief notes about how they felt about those bellies. If you saw the result, you know: It was both brave and totally fascinating.

This week XOJane revisited the theme by asking women to submit photos of what they look like when they wake up in the morning, pre-shower, pre-makeup (unless they're still wearing last night's), totally uncensored. (To encourage participation, the XOJane staff published pics of what their own faces look like when the alarm goes off.)

Once again, the results are pretty awesome. Visit XOJane to see all 75 faces, but here's a preview:

SLIDESHOW: What I Look Like First Thing In The Morning

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8:20am Sacramento California Style

As you see, my cat Wilma is participating in this photo essay as well. She sleeps on my bed every night, functioning as my backup alarm clock and will literally resort to jumping on my face if she has to (bless her!) in order to get me up and stumbling toward my morning coffee and oatmeal with enough minutes to arrive timely and safely to my destination. Kitty looked up as the camera made it's chirping noise to let us know the flash was about to go off, so I assure you this delightful occurrence was not posed. I curse myself for not TURNING the flash off. People LISTEN UP, turn off your flash function; the flash is a garish morning face spotlight.

LISTEN UP AGAIN people don't let your cute animal put her bright-eyed fluffy mug next to yours! I am a recently laid off social worker / writer (laid off from the social worker gig as the writing gigs have never come fast and furious enough to be the tea and cake that sustains), hence me waking up wearing a ski parka (saving a little money on the heating bill, yo!). My hair is still wet from my evening shower. I stayed in last night, drank a glass of cheap white wine (more consequences of the recent layoff and probable partial contributor to puffy face), Netflixed Crazy, Stupid, Love, followed by listening to Coast to Coast AM, chipping away at the laundry pile, and texting some schmuck who was looking decidedly less exciting after seeing Ryan Gosling do his bare-chested thang.

It usually takes me 1 hour from bed to door, but only about 15 minutes of this is spent on my wardrobe, hair, and makeup. I wear sunscreen/moisturizer, mineral makeup powder, chapstick or tinted gloss. My hair is either up or hastily tousled w/ no product and naturally dried. I commute by bike so whatever would have been done is usually undone by the time I get to my destination.



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