Does Your Home Match Your Life?

10/07/2013 11:18 am 11:18:14 | Updated Dec 07, 2013

A stellar college degree -- check. A great first out-of-college job -- check. A stimulating grad school -- check. A fabulous career -- check. Today, many men and women spend their lives building up extraordinary professions and businesses, checking off an imaginary list as they go on to earn all of the important things in life.


With the idea of being independent, strong and competitive in a world where external factors seem to always be getting us excited about the next big thing, a lot of accomplished people have forgotten about their homes. Yes, their spaces, their surroundings; the places that are supposed to be their havens and anchors. Why? Because there never is enough time. Life outside is where the action is, and at the end of the day, people are content with either renting or owning a piece of real estate, regardless of what's inside.

What most people haven't realized is that this isn't healthy. Disliking one's home or forcing oneself to accept a space "as is" doesn't make anyone happy.


There's also the issue of money. So many misconceptions exist regarding the amount it costs to put a place together in an aesthetically compelling way. Men, particularly, aren't that invested in living well until their status and professional prestige forces them to "catch up" with their peers.

Women, who many times make the décor and art decisions in their family homes, should have both a fantastic wardrobe and a fabulous place to live. Believe me; a lot of women spend much more money buying clothes on any given year than on designing and decorating their homes. Don't get me wrong -- I love fashion, but I also know that I impulsively buy clothes, shoes or accessories that won't necessarily be hot or wearable next year or -with luck- next season. On the other hand, I have rarely made a purchase for my home or invested on a piece of art that hasn't had permanence or at least a longer shelf-life than the latest jumpsuit or five-inch heel pumps.

In this day and age, where a lot of people have faced the ups and downs of an unpredictable economy, we have also realized that not everything can be controlled. A job, a business or a high -profile corporate position can be here today and gone tomorrow, but a warm, happy, well-designed home and a well-curated art collection could stay for many, many years, and pieces can be passed from one generation to the other.

Having a warm feeling every time you wake up and loving what you see or feeling truly happy every time you turn that key, should not be a luxury. It should be a necessity.

So then I wonder, why do so many powerful men and women spend months on the phone with coaches, mastermind groups and motivational partners, designing their goals and repeating affirmations, yet forget to decorate their homes and invest in good art?

And with that, I pose another question: Does your home match your life?