08/19/2013 03:32 pm ET Updated Oct 15, 2013

14 Days of Summer, A Meditation: Day Two


Fruit: Nourishment

Summer is the season of delicious, amazing fruit, which is the direct result of the desire of flowers. Is there a fruit that doesn't start as a flower first? What seems frivolous from our standards (flowers everywhere!) is truly a purposeful and wonderful gift of nourishment, for people, for animals, for the earth. Fruit is everywhere once you start to look for it--and not just in the supermarket or farmer's market. A fruit tree planted decades ago can continue to produce long after it's "cared for." Why? Because nature can't help but come to fruition! And that fruit is nourishment for everything.

Think about your favorite fruits and how and where they grow. What are you bringing to fruition in your life? How do you nourish others? How do you nourish yourself? What is the optimal environment you need to come to fruition so that you can be the most nourishing to yourself and others?

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