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The Search for Fried Chicken Better Than Mine: Part 1

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Fried chicken is one of my weaknesses. Not only was KFC one of the few fast foods we were allowed to have as kids, but also, even the week before my mother died, just the mention that there was a piece of KFC in the house brought happiness to her eyes.

So this summer, on our trip to Tennessee, I was determined to find the best fried chicken I could find. (Well, within reason. I mean, even I can't stomach fried chicken every day).

In Nashville I ate fried chicken at Rotiers Restaurant. It wasn't nearly as good as the hash brown casserole, which was a revelation to me. (Readers, expect my own recipe soon, after I get done experimenting.) I asked my Facebook friends where to eat, and they unanimously recommended the Loveless Café, where I had the best biscuits in Nashville by far; but the fried chicken still wasn't as good as mine.

Then, when we got to Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee, my hopes rose. We ordered a picnic of fried chicken in a pavilion by a pond and a stream. The concierge said it was brined for three whole days. But hopes were dashed: It wasn't that great. Although we ate every last piece.

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