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Why All the Floods?

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Is it me, or are we being inundated with catastrophic floods? Cedar Rapids, Nashville, Australia, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana... the list goes on, and while it seems like an especially bad year, the trend has been growing. You can blame it on global warming, the rapture, or just plain bad luck. But I have a different theory. And it's backed by science. Yet no one is reporting on this, so please forward this to as many reporters as you know.

It's about the soil -- the massive destruction of our soil's ability to absorb moisture, a soil genocide, really. It has been occurring over the past few decades and has reached a critical mass. What's destroying our soil's ability to absorb water? That's easy: the massive application of agricultural chemicals, which has been accelerated by the almost complete conversion to GMO crops (mainly corn and soy) that enable even MORE chemical usage.

Are you confused? Allow me to explain. It's actually quite easy to understand, once you pay attention.

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