08/30/2011 10:05 am ET Updated Oct 30, 2011

Why We Should Label Genetically Engineered Food

by guest blogger David Bronner

I've recently been activated on the genetically engineered food, or GMO, issue: If nothing is done, any crop or animal with significant market volume will be genetically engineered within the next 10 to 20 years, and consumers won't know. The main arguments for labeling are:

1)    American consumers have a right to know and judge for themselves what they put in their own and children's bodies. We don't need Mama-Monsanto-knows-best force-feeding us untested, potentially unhealthy GMO food because we can't be trusted to make our own informed decisions.

2)    GMO presents health risks, for example pesticide from GMO corn showing up in mothers' and babies' blood.

3)    GMO herbicide-tolerant crops require more chemical herbicides, which is breeding herbicide-resistant superweeds. GMO = chemical companies selling more chemicals.

4)    GMO is contaminating the non-GMO seed supply, interfering with farmers' right to farm free of GMO.

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