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Marina Ivie
“Thrive not just survive” is Marina’s motto for life. Marina is getting ready to celebrate her 13th “Survival day” after living through an automobile accident in August 2001. She blocked out the cause of the horrific accident and could not remember running into a guardrail that amputated her right leg. It took the paramedics 45 minutes to remove her from the crash, and it was a miracle she lived because the main artery will bleed out in approximately three minutes.

Marina was discharged after only two weeks because of her determination to do more. She negotiated with the doctor of a release date and they said when she could effectively roll herself over, she could go home. Marina’s strength and hard work were rewarded after one week in intensive care and one week in rehab.

After attending her first Un-Limb-ited Amputee Camp hosted by Shriners Hospitals, Marina learned to ski with only one leg. The experience brought her hope in that there are still many things she can do with only one leg and instilled a desire within her to help and motivate other amputees. Marina has been volunteering at the camp as a peer counselor every year since she was 21.

Through comforting amputee patients while an intern at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, giving speeches about the accident while taking medical coursework, and speaking to elementary schools about confidence and bullying, Marina discovered her talent and love for public speaking. Today, Marina is a model, public speaker, and actor. She enjoys showing the world that life is still beautiful despite its challenges.

-Bio written by Jin Bateman

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I Lost a Limb But Gained a Purpose

(1) Comments | Posted May 20, 2014 | 6:10 PM

My one thought was, "How am I going to roll over in this hospital bed so I can go home?" On the night of August 24, 2001, my last night of freedom before my freshman year of high school started, everything changed when my friend's car hit a guardrail with...

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