Boudoir, the Gift That Keeps On Giving

12/03/2013 06:03 pm ET | Updated Jan 29, 2014

Boudoir: The Gift He'll Never Forget

It's that time of year again. Stores have revamped their display windows, every other commercial on TV is Christmas themed, and there's a slight hint of magic in the air. You've begun to think about what to get that special someone. Sure, you could get him a watch. All guys like watches, right? But have you asked yourself what he really wants this Christmas. If you stop to think about it for a moment, the answer might be something a little different than you expect.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Boudoir Photography is a perfect Christmas gift for that special someone for a number of reasons, but the most important one is that when you purchase a boudoir session with the idea of gifting the images to someone else, you get a gift too.

Anyone who has ever gone through a boudoir experience will tell you that it's more than just a regular portrait shoot, it's an entire event, an incredible one.

Here's what a typical Boudoir shoot looks like:

You arrive several hours before your scheduled shoot time. You've brought a bag full of your favorite outfits and your sexiest shoes. You feel a bit nervous, but the feeling is exhilarating. You're also quite excited. You're greeted by a team of stylists and makeup artists who offer you a drink, even champagne if you want, and a snack, chocolate covered strawberries. If you've chosen a high-end package odds are you'll even get a mani-pedi.

Once you've been thoroughly made up, and you feel fabulous and sexy, it's time to meet the photographer. He or she will talk you through the process, compliment you, make you feel like a million bucks (because guess what, you are!) You'll start off feeling shy and self-conscious, only to see yourself transformed into a vixen, bold and empowered. By the end of the session you'll have gained a whole new perspective. You'll think to yourself, "hey, maybe I am awesome," and you'll leave with a bounce in your step.

Then! When you get the pictures you won't believe your eyes. You'll ask, "Is that really me?" and the answer will be a definitive yes. Yes, that's you, and you're beautiful.

All He Wants for Christmas Is...

Fast forward to Christmas morning. One of Santa's naughty elves has wrapped up a special package. He'll open it, expecting a watch, only to have his mind go haywire and his jaw hit the floor. It will be one of the best surprises of his life. He'll look at the photos, look at you, look back at the photos, and all the time you'll be smiling a devilish grin, pleased with your clever ingenuity.

And although the gift is for him, it's really for you too. It's something that you can keep, a record of how magnificent you are during this period of your life, a token you will cherish for always. Anytime you feel yourself start to be self-critical, spending too much time in front of the mirror frowning (for no reason at all), you can take a look at the pictures and be reminded of just how amazing you are. Boudoir photography gives you the ability to show off your body in a classy and timeless way. It's a celebration of the beauty of women, an empowering experience, and just so much fun.

So if someone in your life might be on Santa's naughty list, don't let him get stuck with coal, gift him the images from a boudoir session, a gift that will keep on giving.