05/10/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Personal Energy Investments

The goal of this makeover is to slowly move from things that have a destructive effect on my life towards things that benefit it. As described in previous posts, I have started to do this by incorporating the advice given to me by Ashley Koff RD, Tara Stiles, and Dr. Frank Lipman, which includes eliminating certain foods, correcting poor sleeping habits, adding more yoga, acupuncture, and introducing supplements into my daily routine.

One recent surprise has been that these changes have transcended simply eating and sleeping habits; my cleansing process is spilling into other areas of life. For example: my relationships with people. Two recent situations seem to highlight my new attitude.

I recently spent too much time thinking about how to actively include someone in my life. My desire to begin this friendship was largely based on superficial reasoning that doesn't worthy listing. As I considered why an active friendship with this person was important and the types of sacrifices I would be making, my friend James asked me a simple question: "Is this a good use of your energy? Is this a healthy addition to your life?" Considered in that context, the answer was simple: no. While I'd been so busy trying to conquer the challenge of getting this person to befriend me, I didn't once consider whether or not that would be a healthy choice for me. Once I did, it was less desirable.

Having worked in high-pressure situations, I've been exposed to verbal assaults to display power. I'd forgotten the power of words. Recently, I inadvertently upset someone in my life. It was over something relatively trivial that I mentioned in my last post in reference to myself. Based on my comment, this person unleashed a verbal assault on me that really was quite horrific and affected me much more now that I have removed accepting this type of response as "common." While the circumstances are somewhat irrelevant, what became clear to me is that this type of negativity affects me more than I previously realized and is not something I want to welcome into my life. I realized that subjecting myself to this sort of attack, even after taking the initiative to apologize, isn't acceptable anymore. How I invest my personal energy is important, so here I am subtracting some things from my life and adding others. Some of the additions, in the form of supplements to my daily diet are:

1. 2 New Chapter Whole Mega fish oil pills. These pills contain the
 omega fatty acids often referred to as "good fats," and have been shown to benefit immune and digestive health, as well as aiding a healthy metabolism and a positive mood. I take one pill with breakfast and one with dinner.

2. 10,000 IU's of Dr. Soram's Complementrix Vitamin D3. Dr. Lipman ran some bloodwork and my vitamin D results were low. He has written an excellent article outlining the benefits of Vitamin D and the deficiency epidemic this country is facing. This is particularly scary for me because I lost my father to Alzheimer's, which is a disease linked to this deficiency.

3. 3 New Chapter Unbounded Energy Vitamins. These provide the nutritional benefits of 22 essential vitamins and minerals from seven natural energy sources, including flowers, fruits, and probiotics. I take three with lunch.

4. 2 sprays of Sprayology's Body Balance under my tongue three times daily. This counteracts the reduction stress and overworking causes in adrenal gland function. I use two sprays, three times a day right underneath my tongue.

5. I continue to take Peter Gillham's Natural Calm powder (a magnesium supplement that reduces

 stress and insomnia) and Sprayology's Sleep Ease (a homeopathic treatment used to counter the effects of anxiety and caffeine -- two sprays under my tongue at bedtime).

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