07/26/2010 06:51 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Total Energy Makeover: Free Yoga in NYC Tech Startups

I've noticed that after I practice yoga I do some of my best work.

It's unfortunate that with the increased workload and stress of having changed jobs and apartments this past year, I haven't had the chance to attend more in-studio classes. Not surprisingly, as my yoga practice has decreased, so too has my focus.

It's been difficult for me to get to Strala, the Yoga Studio who generously donated a year of yoga classes as part of my energy makeover. I now mostly consult the Tara Stiles/Deepak Chopra yoga app and Tara's Youtube videos from home. I really miss vibing off the yogic energy created while practicing with others.

I'm well aware that the short term trade-offs of putting in extra hours at the office don't outweigh the long term benefits of more regular practice. My dietician, Ashley Koff RD, has taught me that where I choose to invest my personal energy is extremely important. For the past few months, acclimating to a new position at New York venture capital firm, Greycroft, has been the priority.

My favorite aspect of venture capital is working with entrepreneurs; they are inspiring and full of energy. Yet, I am constantly reminded of how stressful and trying the lifestyle can be for those involved. Over the past year, I have been extremely fortunate to participate in Huffpost Living's Total Energy Makeover with Ashley. I have been on the receiving end of some great advice and services from some amazing experts. I feel good about what I'm putting into my body and my energy has noticeably improved.

While I may no longer do yoga headstands in the office, my company has been very supportive of my efforts and has encouraged my thinking around giving back to the entrepreneurial community. Everyone on the Greycroft team has worked in or around start-ups and knows firsthand the commitment and toll this takes on the body and mind.

Thinking out-side-the-box, I've decided to use my yoga teacher certification and experience gained through my makeover as an opportunity to give back to the entrepreneurs I work with each day. Starting in August, once a month, I will offer a free, beginners yoga class to interested entrepreneurs and startups. So while I'm not trying to turn the venture capitalist world on its head, let's see what a little yoga does for this world of entrepreneurs. I've rallied support from fellow instructors from my teacher training to participate in instructing. Don't miss out! Sign up here!