02/17/2009 02:29 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Big Love Wife Watch! : Round Five (Spoilers!)

Welcome back to Wife Watch!, the only blog post that ranks the most powerful wives on this week's Big Love.

This week, the battle for wifely power is at its most literal. That's because there's a brand new lady in Henricksonville, and the gals need to firm up their positions, stat.

That's right: Within the first ten minutes, Ana officially becomes a wife.

This doesn't sit well with Nicky, who loses her cool after Bill insists that Ana move in with her.

Barb and Margene, however, wage an intense battle for control over their new sister-wife. Barb wants to feel "normal" by hoarding Ana as a gal pal, but Margene wants exactly the same thing. Margene loses position by getting too obviously hurt by Barb's rejection of her in favor of the Wifey-Come-Lately, which almost makes Barb the winner...

... except that in the final scenes, Barb breaks down and confesses how much she needs Ana, and how Nicky and Margene leave her wanting in the friend department. It's a moving scene, but in terms of the Wife Watch! prize, it's too vulnerable.

That means Ana is this week's First Wife. When she joins the family, she gets everyone hopping, falling over themselves to make her happy. Later, she angrily dismisses Bill's revelation that her restaurant tips belong to the entire family, which practically puts her at Lois levels of defiance. And then, when she sees her sister-wives fighting over her, she makes the biggest power play of all: She walks out on her new marriage. Talk about gumption!

Enjoy your time in the sun, Ana. Odds are you'll be off the show forever soon, but it's cool that you're leaving on top.

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