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Aging 'Outliers'

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David Brooks proclaims "Obama's slide" the fastest ever. Charles Franklin says not quite. Glen Bolger, Jonathan Chait, Kevin Drum, Jonah Golberg and Ezra Klein discuss.

Gallup, ABC News, Rasmussen Reports and Siena College (for NY State) all report big recent gains in consumer confidence, but Gallup warns that Americans continue to watch their spending.

First Read warns of "erratic robo-polling firms" and "more BAD poll now than ever before," Political Wire solicits responses from PPP's Tom Jensen and Research 2000's Del Ali.

Nate Silver sees no magic in 50%.

Andrew Alexander laments the Post's focus on health care tactics over substance, draws commentary from John Sides, Andrew Gelman, Paul Krugman, Matt Yglesias, Julian Sanchez and Ezra Klein (plus this guy agrees with Sides).

Matt Bai assesses the age divide (via Political Wire).

Ezra Klein explores why seniors oppose "government run" health care, but not Medicare.

Jennifer Agiesta looks at Post/ABC health care reform attitudes by age.

DemFromCT gathers more health reform data by age.

Jim Lindgrin critiques the IU survey on health care myths (more here; via McArdle who doesn't like NBC's informed question).

David Moore takes issue with Brooks and McInturff on health care.

Pat Caddell pontificates on health care reform.

Steve Singiser asks if all likely voters are Republican.

Kos digs deeper into Democratic declines on the generic congressional ballot.

David Johnson speaks - sees warning signs for Obama.

Sahil Kapur reports only 4% of Israelis think Obama is "pro-Israel."

Gary Langer reports on a study that finds trouble for opt-in internet surveys.

Survey Practice devotes an issue to "non-probability" samples.

ResearchRants rips an education demographic with too many categories.

And a media consultant special: the demo reel you wish you'd made (NSFW).