Another Defense of Polling

07/27/2009 11:58 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Mark Blumenthal Mark Blumenthal is the Head of Election Polling at SurveyMonkey.

My National Journal column for the week is a brief affirmative case for polling, answering the challenge from Conor Clarke following his earlier call to "get rid of polling."

In the column, I highlight the two-part response to Clarke's argument from GWU professor John Sides, a series that I want to recommend again as a must read. Also, my National Journal colleagues originally chose "Why Polling Matters" as a headline without realizing that Gallup's Frank Newport used something very similar -- Polling Matters: Why Leaders Must Listen to the Wisdom of the People -- for the title of his 2004 book.  Polling Matters also makes a strong and thorough case for public opinion polling.   Apologies to Newport for the oversight.