Best. Onion. Parody. Yet. (Also 'Outliers')

07/17/2009 05:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Henry Ferrell and Ed Kilgore respond to Conor Clarke's case against polls.

Conor Clarke asks why we care about polls; Ryan Sager offers an answer (via Appel), John Sides offers another.

The New York Times praises the Groves confirmation.

Sarah Dutton compares Sotomayor's numbers to those of previous nominees.

Jennifer Agiesta recalls polling from the 1960's on Medicare.

Gary Langer recalls historic polling on the space program.

Peter Brown questions whether deficits will be a voting issue (via Smith).

Patrick Murray doubts Obama can help Corzine.

Charlie Cook sees Democratic momentum slowing but not reversing.

National Journal's GOP insiders weigh in on whether Sarah Palin will be an asset in 2010.

David Hill says Palin could learn from Michael Jackson and Barack Obama.

Gene Ulm says the Obama honeymoon is over

Resurgent Republic sees a shift to Republicans among independents.

Neil Newhouse is feeling groovy too.

Andrew Gelman maps estimates of support for school vouchers by state, religion, race/ethnicity and income.

The Pew Internet Project reports on how people are using the internet during the recession.

Zubin Jelveh sorts out the great pet v. human health care debate.

Research Rants wonders what Zogby is up to.

And, finally, The Onion produces their best. poll. parody. yet. (Also highly accurate, based on personal experience).