09/25/2007 08:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Catching Our Breath Remainders

Politico's Elizabeth Wilner
tracks the drop in Republican identification as measured by the NBC/Wall


The Des
Moines Register
reports on a focus group of Republican caucus-goers
(via Martin)

reports that Pollster Bill McInturff is leaving the McCain campaign.

Gallup Guru Frank Newport tells us ten
we may not know about recent poll results and "unspins"
Hillary Clinton's recent Sunday talk show appearances.

The Corner's Kathryn
Jean Lopez
cautions about reading too much into early general election
polls with the memory of some very wrong predictions from 1980.

Open Left's brklyngrl digs
deep into the combined
released by the Cook Political Report/RT Strategies polls.

Boris Grushin, a pioneer of surveys in, yes, the Soviet
Union died Tuesday in Moscow
at age of 78 (New York
via AAPOR's member's only listserv).

And finally, the "read it all" item for this list: ABC's Gary
answers criticism of the recent ABC/BBC/NHK survey
of Iraqi citizens and provides a detailed description of the unique poll
vetting operation at ABC News:

Years ago, with the support of
management, we set up a polling standards and vetting operation. First we
developed fair-minded but rigorous standards for what survey research we will
and will not report. And then a procedure by which any survey being considered
for air at ABC News goes through my unit first - or is supposed to - for a
review in which we check it out, and either clear it for air or kick it out the
back door.