10/10/2009 11:21 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Click and You'll Twitter Too 'Outliers'

Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize; The Pew Research Center, Frank Newport, Gary Langer and the Transatlantic Trends Survey provide the public opinion context.

Tom Coburn proposes to eliminate NSF funding for political science, Monkey Cagers John Sides, Andrew Gelman, Joshua Tucker and Henry Farrell react.

Tom Jensen sees little change in health care reform support since September.

Mark Mellman offers an answer for why Jews are liberals.

Democracy Corps finds growing damage to the Republican brand.

Tom Schaller examines the national Congressional ballot 300 days out.

Eric Kleefeld recalls a history of late Democratic surges in New Jersey.

Andrew Sullivan parses the Quinnipiac Poll.

Greg Sargent endorses a Research2000 question on health care and partisanship.

Evan McMorris-Santaro reviews reports a state investigation of opinion research conducted with tax dollars for CT Governor Jodi Rell.

Calbuzz publishes its Standards for Polling, Decency and Free Lunch.

Amanda Lenhart reports that new Pew Internet data shows Twitter usage rising to 19% of American adult internet users, up from 11% in April (via Christine Matthews).

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