Delayed 'till Sunday 'Outliers'

10/04/2009 10:06 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The New York Times' Shaila Dewan reviews the Strategic Vision story, confirms that the Atlanta Journal Constitution never received "supporting documentation" for their polls after repeated requests.

The National Council on Public Polls issues its own call for full disclosure: "A refusal to disclose can ignite the suspicion that there is something to hide."

Joshua Tucker calls on Rasmussen to free its cross-tabs.

The Pew Research Center finds slipping support for abortion; Jon Cohen and Gary Langer see no such evidence on other polls; John Sides has Deja Vu.

Ezra Klein and Brenden Nyhan note that Republican Party favorable ratings are much lower now than in 1994; Ed Kilgore amplifies.

Jennifer Agiesta looks at support for the Public Option in the 13 states represented by Finance Committee Senators that opposed it; Alan Reifman reacts.

Tom Jensen shares a word on party ID on their Virginia survey.

Glen Bolger sees an opening in Obama's weak approval ratings on top issue priorities.

Doug Schoen says Americans want entrepreneurship-friendly policies.

Resurgent Republic summarizes how the cost of health care reform cuts into its support.

Eric Kleefeld thinks polling gives Obama a reason to smile, also sums up the polling in NJ and VA.

Tom Edsall examines the income divide among Democrats.

Andrew Gelman assesses Norman Podhoretz' Why Are Jews Liberal.

Chris Bowers requests tabs showing Sestak leading Specter among PA voters who know both.

Another RNC survey earns the "push poll" label (via Smith).

The Associated Press reports on call center Western Wats employing children as young as 13.