07/12/2008 04:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dog Days "Outliers"

Justin Wolfers (subs. only) trusts political markets more than polls, Bob Erikson bets he's wrong, John Sides has all the links.

Jon Cohen sees a gap between high interest in the election and low information about the candidates.

Frank Newport finds that more "important" religion is to the voter, the more likely they are to favor McCain

Kathy Frankovic warns against putting too much faith in "early and incomplete" exit poll results.

Nate Silver sees a very strong correlation between the national popular vote and his electoral college projections.

Julie Rehmeyer of ScienceNews profiles Nate Silver.

Ronald Hansen, of the Arizona Republic, reviews the challenges facing pollsters.

A pollster friendly anti-"push poll" bill passes the Louisiana House and Senate.

Inside Higher Ed looks at the perils of private polls conducted by academic survey centers.

Jon Chait notices that 1% of Americans in the Pew poll think Barack Obama is Jewish (via Smith, Sullivan).

And finally, a little off-topic, kiwitobes posts an amazing video map depicting the growth of Walmart since 1962 (via FlowingData).