08/25/2009 04:10 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Emily Has a Hard Job 'Outliers'

Gary Langer and Nate Silver offer different perspectives on polling on the public option.

DailyKos polls in Jim Cooper's district; Cooper fires back, Kos responds (via TPM)

Gallup reports a new weekly low in Obama approval.

Greg Sargent highlights evidence of declining confidence in Obama among Democrats and liberals; Steve Benen has more.   

Jay Cost identifies Obama's worst poll number.

James Vega argues that Obama's slide was inevitable.

Steve Singiser asks if dour Democratic projections for 2010 are justified.

Tom Jensen ponders class, education and the 2012 Republican field.

Alan Reifman reviews misconceptions about health care reform.

Glen Bolger and Jim Hobart find that states with more conservatives show smaller budget shortfalls than states with more liberals.

Kristen Soltis returns for a new season of The Right Idea.

Andrew Gelman and John Sides publish their summary of the "true story" (statistically) of Obama's election (via Gelman).

Josh Tucker reviews public opinion on gay marriage.

The Detroit Free Press reports on polling on U.S. Reps. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick and John Conyers

The Giannoulias campaign leaks word of their internal IL-Senate polling, but not the numbers.   

Jason Hollins considers the ever increasing challenges of measuring television viewership.

And, thankfully, Emily will return tomorrow and things we will get back to our normal pace of posts and updates. Thanks for your patience!

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