03/07/2008 10:34 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Friday Night "Outliers"

Los Angeles Times' editor Don Frederick thinks pollsters are doing better, yet the paper closes down its own polling operation.

The Providence Journal considers the challenges facing political polling.

David Hill says the "youth vote" is unreliable and "over hyped."

Mark Mellman considers underdogs and bandwagons.

Frank Newport examines Hillary Clinton's strength among Catholic Democrats.

Jay Cost looks at how Hillary Clinton won Ohio and Texas.

John Judis sees exit poll evidence of Barack Obama's weaknesses.

Political Scientist Tom Holbrook charts changes in the Democratic primary electorate.

Carl Bialik looks at the delegate math in Ohio and Texas and how many Michigan and Florida voters were "silenced."

Jennifer Agiesta digs deeper into the relative perceptions of Obama and McCain, especially among independents.

Scott Shepard revisits the Bradley-Wilder effect.

John Distasio reports on efforts by the New Hampshire Attorney General to stop polling conducted for the Republican Governors' Association.

Kathy Frankovic reviews the challenges of polling in developing nations.