12/18/2009 05:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

HCR Mandates and Lessons 'Outliers'

Paul Krugman shares "the right poll to look at" on Massachusetts' health reform (via Ezra Klein).

Greg Sargent reports on a health care reform poll question on an individual mandate commissioned by Howard Dean's Democracy for America, Nate Silver critiques its question wording; Brian Beutler has more.

John Sides reviews lessons learned from the health reform debate.

Jon McHenry argues the AARP doesn't speak for all seniors.

Politifact finds Karl Rove's characterization of Obama's approval trend "mostly true."

Lymari Morales blogs on the (behavioral) economics of Christmas (through Gallup data).

Gerald Seib weighs the damage to the American spirit evident in the NBC/WSJ poll.

Fred Yang and Bill McInturff look forward to 2010.

Tom Jensen considers two potential sources of damage to Democrats prospects in 2010.

Andrew Gelman points to a draft article on predicting elections using the "most important issue" question.

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