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If It's Sunday...'Outliers'

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Gary Langer goes biblical on dangerous data.

Scott Rasmussen and Douglas Schoen think Obama's numbers among independents will drop further.

Adam Geller (Chris Christie's pollster) joins a DC lobbying/policy firm.

Andrew Gelman examines how much leeway constituents give their representatives. 

Karl Rove thinks Obama's policies will drag down his favorable rating (via Lombardo).

Steve Benen says that Congress getting things done explains the Gallup uptick in Congressional approval.

Chris Bowers puts the latest Gallup results on the national House ballot into the context of other polls.

Nate Silver thinks Democrats should panic "maybe a little."

Jonathan Singer shares yet more generic House ballot numbers by region. 

Mike Barone thinks health care is hurting Democrats in Ohio and Connecticut.

Seth Masket sees little correlation between unemployment and majority party seat loss in the House (via Sides); 

Jed Lewison finds an AP polling report light on polling data.

DesMoinesDem weighs in on the new Des Moines Register Iowa poll. 

The National Journal political insiders and bloggers sound off on whether abortion restrictions in health care reform legislation will help or hurt Democrats.

Lee Rainie and Tom Rosenstiel present 12 ways news consumers have changed in the digital age.

The New York Times graphics wizards create an amazing interactive trend chart of unemployment statistics showing "the jobless rate for people like you."

Hunch crunches data on how food preference varies by ideology (via Scola).