Independent 'Outliers'

11/11/2009 10:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mike Mokrzycki weighs in on whether automated polls did a better job in 2009.

Jennifer Agiesta reviews broad support for the death penalty in Virginia.

Lymari Morales explains why we should care what other people think.

Mark Mellman sees one surprise in the 2009 elections.

Bill McInturff and Nichole McClesky list 5 trends to watch in 2010.

Tom Jensen finds Republicans to be mostly conservative.

David Hill shares sensible advice about making sense of independents.

Morris Fiorina believes Republicans still have more serious problems than Democrats with the "uninterested, uninvolved electorate."

Chris Bowers thinks Democrats can appeal to both disillusioned and swing voters.

Nate Silver finds explanations of independent voting in 2009 unconvincing.

Greg Sargent notes an enthusiasm gap favoring Republicans in today's new Pew Research survey.

Jonathan Silver reviews yet more regional tabulations of the generic House vote.

Stuart Rothenberg crowns SurveyUSA "Pollster of the Cycle."

Jim Galloway reports on a live interviewer experience sure to please automated pollsters.

The Onion satirizes another Zogby innovation.