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Karaoke 'Outliers'

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NEP wins a ruling against an exit polling ban near NJ polling places; Danny Shea has more.

Gallup's quarterly Obama job approval slips to 53%.

Democracy Corps responds to Glen Bolger's posts on their "semi-secret" poll; Bolger adds more.

Charlie Cook reviews intensity of opposition to Obama in Democracy Corps focus groups

Sarah Dutton examines polling on the public option.

Jon Cohen finds strong support for restricting pay of bailed out executives.

Jennifer De Pinto assesses whether Obama can help Corzine.

Gary Andres weighs the Democrats' Debt Dilemma

Tom Jensen tests a generic congressional vote offering independent/third party as an option.

David Hill is long on Apple, not its politics.

Mark Mellman celebrates a GOP brand in tatters.

Chris Cillizza ponders the rise of independent identification.

Charles Blow fawns over Michelle Obama.

David Paul Kuhn looks forward to an Obama decline below 50%.

Kevin Drum asks about "poll flippery;" John Sides responds.

James Joyner considers the Gallup marijuana poll (via Sullivan).

Andrew Gelman finds older wealthier Americans oppose government health care nationwide.

Junk Charts finds even obviously wrong charts leave many confused.

PPP polls on, what else, balloon boy.

Mary Landrieu suggests an alternative public option poll question.

Evans McMorris-Santoro shares the Bill Clinton polling quote of the week.

And a pollster that can sing! Kristen Soltis channels Janis Joplin (at around 2:42):