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Majority Watch Mashup

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Picking up on the post from earlier tonight, the new Majority Watch surveys released today provide another strong indicator of recent trends, in this case regarding the race for the U.S. House.  The partnership of RT Strategies and Constituent Dynamics released 41 new automated surveys conducted in the most competitive House districts. 

Since they conducted identical surveys roughly two weeks ago in 27 30 of the 41 districts, we have an opportunity for an apples-to-apples comparison involving roughly 27,000 30,000 interviews in each wave.  The table below shows the results from both waves from each of those 27 30 districts.  The bottom line average indicates that overall, the Democratic margin in these districts increased slightly, from +1.9 to +2.7 percentage during October. 


Whatever one may think of their automated methodology, the Majority Watch surveys used the same methodology and sampling procedures for both waves.  And as with the similar "mashup" of polls in the most competitive Senate races in the previous post, these also show no signs of an abating wave.

Interests disclosed: Constituent Dynamics provided with technical assistance in the creation of our national maps and summary tables