08/01/2007 09:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mid-Week Remainders

Republican pollster David Hill ponders the difficulty of
polling in primaries and the August "Twilight
Zone of presidential politics
in which pollsters will have a hard time
determining what's real and what is illusion in poll results."

"Gallup Guru" Frank Newport looks at Republican voter
impressions of Rudy Giuliani's strengths
and weaknesses
and ponders why the Iraq War may
not be "as much of a liability for [John] McCain
as some may have thought."

CBS News polling director Kathy Frankovic ponders whether Americans
would "accept
a woman as commander in chief
in times of international crisis?"

In a Politico
op-ed, Doug Usher looks at the survey data and asks, "are voters ready for
health care reform

The Washington Post's
Jennifer Agiesta looks at attitudes on surveillance
in public places.

The Wall Street
's "Numbers Guy," Carl Bialik, picks at the methodologies of a "dubious"
survey of New
York City subway riders
and a telephone survey sponsored by the Whole
Foods and Wild Oats grocery stores
being used by those companies to argue
against the Federal Trade Commission's attempt to block their merger.

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