06/14/2010 07:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Oil Spill Pie Charts Suck 'Outliers'

John Harwood sees little impact from the oil spill on Obama approval (with an assist from Charles Franklin).

Joel Benenson frames climate change legislation as a political winner (via Smith)

Pete Brodnitz had a good night last week.

Mike Huckabee asks pollsters to include him on 2012 trial heat questions.

Marco Rubio is not worried about polls.

PPP invites you to vote on where they poll this weekend.

Lymari Morales counts the many ways Gallup posts updates of Obama job approval.

Bob Groves reports that the Census non-response follow-up is "about 93% complete.. somewhat ahead of schedule and certainly under-budget."

Junk charts says the BP oil spill brings out the worst in pie charts.