01/10/2008 03:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Our New Partnership with National Journal Group

This news has been a bit delayed between the holidays and the early primaries, but we are very excited to announce a new strategic partnership between and the National Journal Group, the publishers of the National Journal, CongressDaily, The Hotline, The Almanac of American Politics, and will remain an independent website, just as it is now, but we will write a column on and provide content from to the various in-house polling resources within National Journal Group publications. In addition, Charles Franklin and I will write a column and provide features that will appear on

What has us especially excited here is the opportunity to work with the top notch journalists that are a part of the National Journal Group and it's parent, Atlantic Media, including my old friend Amy Walter and her colleagues at The Hotline Ron Brownstein of and Charlie Cook's Political Report. The move of our "world headquarters" that I hinted at was to the National Journal Group offices in Washington, which also puts us just a few floors away from our friends at The Atlantic, including Andrew Sullivan and Marc Ambinder.

My first column -- some thoughts about what the success of the Des Moines Register Poll says about the philosophy of behind likely voter models -- appeared earlier this week (and should still be free to non-subscribers).

And as long as we are in a moment of transition, I want to say a big public thank you to both Charles Franklin and Eric Dienstfrey, who of course, are very much involved in this new partnership. If you like the charts and graphics here at Pollster, all credit goes to Charles, especially since his contribution here comes on top of a demanding day job at the University of Wisconsin. Second, Eric Dienstfrey, the hardest working man in show business (or at least at, has been working more or less non-stop for the last few weeks updating our charts and tables and the poll updates on the blog. We are all a bit fried at this point and yes, we have missed a typo or two in recent weeks, but if you appreciate all this site has to offer, you might want to leave Eric and Charles a big thank you in the comments section below.

Finally, a huge continuing thank you to Doug Rivers and YouGov/Polimetrix, for their sponsorship and unwavering commitment to our editorial independence without which would not exist.

It is going to be a long, interesting year and we are looking forward to helping you make sense of polls and polling data the whole way through.

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