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"Outliers" for 3-19

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Poblano puts up a new site (538) that aggregates polls weighted with a "reliability rating."

Gregory Nini and Glenn Hurwitz produce a statistical model and conclude that "roughly two million more people would have voted in Florida and Michigan had they expected their delegates to be seated" (via Smith, Swampland).

Geoff Garin gets added to the Pollster roster of the Clinton campaign.

Mark Mellman is starting to worry about a divided Democratic Party.

Josh Goodman thinks Democrats should use a poll to allot delegates in Florida and, somewhat surprisingly...

David Hill floats a similar idea (though advises against calling it a "poll").

Carl Bialik sees problems with the Clinton big state electoral vote theory.

Gary Langer looks at the changes in attitudes on the war in Iraq over the last five years.

Jennifer Agiesta posts a similar retrospective.

Frank Newport shows that Americans disagree that going to war with Iraq was the "right decision"

Peter Feaver advises John McCain to defend that decision (via Ambinder, some background here).