03/28/2008 05:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Outliers" for 3-28

Kathy Frankovic explains the utility of panel-back surveys for measuring change, and shares more data on their follow-up survey on Obama's speech on race.

Jennifer Agiesta digs deeper into the recent national surveys and sees "potential negatives on both Democratic candidates... percolating beneath the stable horse-race numbers."

Frank Newport sees potential positive and negative for Democrats in the Gallup "defector" data.

Hart and McInturff explain what pollsters mean by "oversample."

Mark Mellman wonders if the reduced press coverage of the Iraq war explains Americans' "more benign picture of the situation" there.

David Hill uses poll data on Americans leaving "the faith of their youth" to argue that Barack Obama should leave his church.

Todd Domke proposes a cross between "a pollster's focus group, Lincoln-Douglas-style debate, jury trial, and a secret ballot" to resolve the Florida/Michigan impasse.

Gary Andres sees "some positive views" about George Bush beyond his job approval numbers.

Ken Walsh sees the same in some polling from GOP Pollster Ed Goeas.

Marc Ambinder plugs some numbers into Jay Cost's popular vote projection spreadsheet.

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