04/16/2008 06:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Outliers" for April 16

Kathy Frankovic sees strong parallels between currently bleak assessments of the president and the economy and those expressed by Americans in 1992 and 1980.

Frank Newport puts on his sociologist's hat and examines Barack Obama's controversial "bitter" comments.

David Hill thinks "young politicians" like Barack Obama need to put less faith in sociology.

Ana Marie Cox sees a different context for the "erosion of trust" results from today's Post/ABC poll.

Jennifer Agiesta reviews data on how white Catholics view the 2008 race.

Jay Cost considers what Barack Obama's performance among white voters may or may not mean to super delegates.

Brian Schaffner continues his three-part series on how the demographics of Pennsylvania compare to other states (and adds a within-state bonus).

Marc Ambinder ponders the Pennsylvania polls and passes on how the campaigns are spinning their internal results.

Robert Novak theorizes why Mark Penn remains on board with the Clinton campaign.

Geoff Garin promises to read a lot of email.

HCD Research posts results from a qualitative test of how voters react to an Obama speech adressing the "bitter" comments (via Sullivan)

Mark Mellman answers an attack by Arianna Huffington on a poll he conducted in the 1990s for Lockheed Martin.

And, in case anyone is wondering, is a candidate, not a research firm.