04/05/2009 04:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Overdue "Outliers"

Carl Bialik is absolutely right (more on this topic here tomorrow).

The Pew Research Center calls the partisan gap in Obama's ratings the biggest ever.

Tom Jensen notices net negatives for Terry McAuliffe among VA independents.

Nate Silver models support for gay marriage in Iowa and beyond.

Steve Benen finds humor in Fox News polls.

Chris Good speculates about economic patience and Obama's ratings.

National Journal's DC Insider survey shows polarization over Obama's GM policy.

ResearchRants critiques an RNC fundraising "survey."

John Sides adds an extensive blogroll of political science blogs to the Monkey Cage.

And this settles it, Domenico Montanaro is the new Nate Silver.

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