Pre-President's Day "Outliers"

02/16/2008 10:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Hartford Courant's Joann Klimkiewicz examines the problems of polling in 2008.

Kathy Frankovic shares her skepticism over polls to tells us which is most electable in 2008.

Frank Newport finds that John McCains "displeases" many conservative Republicans.

Gary Langer says race has been the "single most powerful demographic in vote choices" in the Democratic primaries so far.

David Hill sees evidence that "immigration is a dud as an electoral issue."

Mark Mellman considers the complexities of the "politics of identity" on the Democratic primaries of 2008.

Tom Webster crunches the exit poll numbers on Republicans in Virginia and Maryland that listen to talk radio.

Josh Goodman compiles the exit poll results on abortion and immigration.

Carl Bialik calculates the odds of a tie in Syracuse.

Karl Rove does poll analysis on a white board.