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Strategic Vision: Yet Another Promise of Crosstabs

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An article yesterday by Larry Peterson of the Savannah Morning News rehashes much of the Strategic Vision, LLC controversy covered in my column a few weeks ago, but also features some new comments from Strategic Vision CEO David Johnson and this bit of news:

Some pollsters include cross-tabs with their results; others supply them only to paying clients. Until now, Johnson has said he's among the latter.

But [Johnson's] opted for a nod to critics who say his lack of transparency raises suspicions that he may have at least cut some corners.

He's provided the Morning News cross-tabs for a recent Georgia survey. And says he'll provide them to the news media with a survey his firm plans to conduct later this month.

No doubt, they'll be scrutinized by experts.

No doubt. If only someone would publish them. Mr. Peterson, if you have crosstabulations for a Strategic Vision poll, you may be the first, It would help if your newspaper could share with your readers whatever Johnson provided.

If Johnson's promise sounds familiar, it is probably because he made a similar pledge to the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Jim Galloway back in September:

Events of the last week have caused Strategic Vision to come to the same conclusion about its future polling.

"We're going to release all the crosstabs, and put an end to this right now," Johnson said. "That will squelch anybody from saying anything."

We're still waiting.

Finally, Peterson's article includes this curious reference to me under the heading "Partisan Flap:"

Johnson says the flap has a partisan dimension.

A conservative, he works mostly for Republicans; Blumenthal is an avowed Democrat and has served as a director of the opinion research group.

I'm not sure how an "avowed Democrat" differs from an ordinary "Democrat" (except that the former sounds more sinister), but the second half of that sentence is incorrect: I have never been the "director" or president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) or of any other "opinion research group," as Peterson reports. I did serve for two years as a member of AAPOR's 15-member, all-volunteer Executive Council, something disclosed in almost every column or blog post I have written on this subject.