SUSA's Leve: Polling (As We Know It) 'Doomed' by 2012*

08/10/2009 08:47 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

My National Journal column for the week, on the surprisingly dire view of the future of polling from SurveyUSA's Jay Leve, is now online.

At a panel at last week's Joint Statistical Meetings in Washington DC, Leve delivered a presenation with this surprising conclusion: "If you look at where we are here in 2009," for phone polling, he said, "it's over... this is the end. Something else has got to come along." Intrigued? Hope so. Click through for the details.

*Correction:  The original headline and subheading on both the National Journal column and this entry incorrectly stated that Leve forecasts "doom" for all of polling and the polling profession.  Leve sees doom for a particular kind of polling, what he calls "barge-in telephone polling" -- in essence,this means telephone surveys as we now know them, both live operator and automated.  However, as I hope the last paragraph of the column makes clear, he is optimistic about the future of polling:  "And for those who might ask, he adds that he 'doesn't look to the
future with despair but with wonder' at the opportunities for the
polling profession."