11/21/2006 10:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

USAToday's "Gallup Guru" Blog by Frank Newport

One recent development I overlooked in the run-up to the election is the new blog on by Frank Newport, editor and chief of the Gallup Poll.  Dubbed "Gallup Guru," Newport's blog promises to chew over many of the same topics we examine here. 

In an item item last week, for example, Newport reacted to the apparent pre-election belief by White House political advisor Karl Rove that "polls were obsolete because they relied on home telephones in an age of do-not-call lists and cell phones:"

Karl Rove mentions cell phones.  The impact of cell phones on survey research has been a topic of extraordinary analysis by survey researchers over the last several years.  The American Association of Public Opinion Research, as a matter of fact, is devoting a special track of research sessions on the impact of cell phones at its annual conference next May (I am the associate chair of that conference). 

Indeed, it might have been useful if Rove had read a research paper published by Dr. Scott Keeter of the Pew Research Center just two weeks before the election this year entitled:  "Cell-Only Voters Not Very Different".  Keeter concluded his analysis by noting that "… the absence of the "cell-only" population from telephone surveys is not creating a measurable bias in the overall findings."

Frank Newport contributed the debut item to our Guest Pollster corner and responded to comments left by readers.  As such, the comments section in his new blog may offer readers more routine interaction with this Gallup Guru.  One more thing we all need to read regularly.