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What Happened to the PoliticsHome Box?

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You may have noticed that the PoliticsHome box -- the one that included links to the top news stories of the day -- has disappeared from the site. Fear not, PoliticsHome fans, the box on our site is just on a temporary hiatus. PoliticsHome US, which is run by a different organization, recently launched a redesigned site that had the unfortunate side effect of "breaking" the sidebar box on Pollster (it was stuck on September 7).

The box should return soon. Meanwhile, those who have grown to enjoy their collection of "top stories right now" and the day's "must reads" can go directly to the Politics Home site.

And if you have come to use and depend on the PoliticsHome box on, we would appreciate it if you would email us or leave a comment. The more readers we hear from, the sooner I can get the box repaired and back in place.